What Not To Do During Coronavirus Outbreak

March 21, 2020
March 21, 2020 Gursharan Singh

What Not To Do During Coronavirus Outbreak

Panic Buying : Worst thing that people do during this time of coronavirus outbreak is to hoard all the groceries or all the stuff creating a state of panic or shortage in the market.

Fake News Forwards : Avoid fake news forwards during coronavirus outbreak. It results in panic and a lot of misunderstanding during the state of emergency. Rely only on verified news sources

Not going for checkups on getting Symtoms : You should contact hospital and go for a checkup instead of hiding it or going outside in public. Coronavirus or covid19 spreads very fast.

Use of Public Transport : Avoid using public transport as Covid19 or coronavirus could spread through one infected person present there to everyone nearby him through touching common things or through coughing or sneezing.

Making Business out of the Pandaemic : Lot of fake sanitizers and bad quality masks have been discovered by police with no proper certifications. Help each other in this situation rather than taking this time as an opportunity to make money.

Going for a Vacation : People are travelling or going out with friends or going to other cities to meet their families. This should be avoided and social distancing should be practiced during this time of coronavirus spread

Avoid Sharing Food : Eating from same plate should be avoided as germs of coronavirus or covid19 could be transferred from an infected person

Going in Public if you have Foreign Travel History : Recently a very famous singer Kanika Kapoor was found attending parties after her return to India. Self Isolation should be practiced if you have a recent travel history

Eating Junk Food : Avoid junk food, and increase your immunity by eating healthy.

Thinking that it won’t happen to me : Coronavirus is spreading so fast that it would be foolish to be negligent about the situation and take this situation lightly

I would request everyone to practice SELF QUARANTINE and stay safe!