Top 10 Smart Home Tech And Gadgets In CES 2020!

January 15, 2020
January 15, 2020 Harmeet Singh

Top 10 Smart Home Tech And Gadgets In CES 2020!

smart gadgets in CES 2020

What Is CES 2020?

CES is the biggest consumer technology based exhibition which is owned and produced by consumer technology association (CTA) — the exhibition in which next-generation technology shows up to the business leaders all over the world.

Every big brand shows up their new gadgets in this exhibition such as Samsung, LG, etc. Every brand wants to grab the attraction of the business leaders reach there.

Where does this summit actually occur? Answer is CES 2020 was held in Las Vegas, New York. Generally, it occurs in Las Vegas every year.  

The Best Of CES 2020!

Top 10 Smart Home Tech And Gadgets in CES 2020

Kohler Moxie Showerhead

New revolutionary showerhead with wireless speaker to stream your favorite music and news while you are taking shower.

The moxie showerhead holds a portable wireless speaker with bluetooth connectivity to provide you the best music experience.

Kohler Moxie Showerhead With With Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Danby Smart Mailbox

You can receive your parcels in this smart mailbox like any other ordinary mailbox. Wait! Then what’s the difference between this smart mailbox and an ordinary mailbox? 

When a delivery man puts the parcel in the upper section it will automatically go down in the secure space. You’ll get notified when you successfully received your parcel. 

Also, you can track your package, monitor everything live with camera features and can measure the weight of your parcel in this smart mailbox.

No one can steal your package until you unlock your mailbox via Danby Mailbox Guard app.

Your Guide To Parcel Guard

Motion Pillow

The motion pillow is scientifically designed to reduce the chronic snoring of a human.

Motion pillow detects the motion and then its internal airbags inflate to adjust the head and neck of the person to create a perfect sleeping posture.

It helps to reduce the snoring and maximize the comfort during sleep. It tracks, records, analyses the sleeping pattern of a person to create insights accordingly. 

Motion Pillow

Samsung Smart Fridge

Samsung smart fridges now have AI image recognition and recipe suggestions. It can tell you the exact items presents in your fridge without opening it. 

Samsung virtual bulletin board supports 3 types of media such as images, songs, videos and these media types can be shared on your smart fridge screen via your smartphone. 

Samsung Smart Fridge

Charmin’s Rollbot

It is a robot which can be connected with the mobile phone via bluetooth. It helps you to detect how your bathroom smells without actually experiencing it. 

It has electronic sensors by which it performs activity flawlessly.

Charmin’s Toilet Paper Robot!

Jabra Elite Active 75t

Jabra created these earbuds to enhance the durability during fitness and workouts. They are specially designed for dust and sweat resistance. 

They upgraded the IP from IP56 to IP57. It helps to make them waterproof. Company is providing a two-year warranty against dust and sweat.

These earbuds can be used in a pair or solo. You can use single earbud to extend the battery time. People can configure left or right earbuds according to their preference.

Jabra Elite 75t Earbuds

Tali’s smart helmet

This is an adorable helmet for motorcyclists. It facilitates you to make calls, ask GPS navigation directions while driving. 

It has front lights, tail lights and turning signal which helps you to identify the exact route. 

This helmet will be connected to your motorcycle so it will give you the exact signals while you are driving.

Tali’s Smart Helmet

Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Fold

Lenovo also displayed its foldable laptop named “ThinkPadX1 Fold”. This laptop has a bendable screen which is really an amazing feature.

People were waiting for this foldable laptop very eagerly.

Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Fold

OnePlus Concept One

OnePlus Concept One is another eye-catching gadget with a special glass called “electrochromic glass”.

Behind the mobile phone you won’t see any camera but once you activate the camera in your phone, you’ll see camera lights behind the phone. It seems very magical and attractive. 

There are three cameras on the back of the phone. OnePlus said that electrochromic glass will be beneficial for the advanced technology based mobile phones when they will come up with the quad or pentagon camera technology. 

OnePlus Concept One

Neon Life’s Neon

Samsung introduced artificial humans in CES 2020. They are like real AI chatbots who are responsive in real time. They can respond and can give expressions like a real human. 

They don’t just look like humans but behave like humans. They are designed to learn new skills and to create memories and experiences. 

Artificial Human
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