March 4, 2020 Gursharan Singh

Corona Virus And How It Is Affecting India

Corona Virus has started spread in India and already some cases have been discovered in Delhi and Noida.

Already cases of Coronavirus in China have affected major industries in India.

Corona Virus In India
Corona Virus In India

India imports more than USD 68 billion (16% of its total imports) worth of goods from China and a major part consists of electrical components (parts and ICs) used in electronic goods and raw material for producing Generic Medicines (80% of India’s requirement).

India is heavily dependent on China.

There was a time when Micromax, Lava and Karbonn were among the leaders in the handset market, but now Chinese brands have cornered 70% of the market.

Indian manufacturers rely on China for all their raw material. All lcd boards, pcbs, displays are imported from china.

If the spread of CoronaVirus continues in India then it may lead to shut down of factories and other manufacturing units in India and would be a big blow to the economy.

Some early steps must be taken by Indian govt. to stop corona virus enter deeply in India before it is too late

Some early steps must be taken by Indian govt.
Some early steps must be taken by Indian govt.

Some steps that Govt. and people of India should take are:

(1) Govt. should make public announcements everywhere in small cities, districts and educate people on Corona Virus and its impact and how with basic precautions people can safeguard themselves.

(2) Govt. should start keeping supplies of emergency medicines that could be required for treatment so that these essential medicines are not black marketed later.

(3) Govt. should provide free face masks and make it available to everyone.

(4) People should avoid going in crowded areas.

(5) People should look for any symptoms of the virus and visit doctor immediately if they get any symptoms.

(6) People should refrain themselves from spreading any fake news. There is nothing more dangerous than fake news in these times.

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