Industry 4.0 | Smart Homes | IOT | Future Homes | Smart Tech


Industry 4.0 | Smart Homes | IOT | Future Homes | Smart Tech


Home automation technology can convert simple home into a smart one. A smart home can understand, think and take actions according to the habits of a homeowner.

The term “Home Automation” and the home automation technology is new for a developing country like India. Most of the people in India are not even aware of home automation and how this technology works.

We want to educate people about this home automation industry so they can identify or recognise the requirement or necessity of the home automation in their own home.

You get tons of benefits by automating a home. You can read about a Smart Home And Its Benefits In 2020.. Not only this, you can read #20 Reasons Why Should You Automate Your Home?

Cloudblocks believe in inbound marketing in which we provide value to our users and customers. We want to answer every question of every user regarding home automation.

Home automation has a bright scope in the future because people start adopting this technology even in India. You could be the next one to adopt this technology after getting familiar with this technology. If you are still confused then you can read What Is The Scope Of Home Automation?

A smart home has the ability to understand and adopt your day-to-day life. And, a smart home can control room temperature, lighting system, security system, etc to give you better control on your home.

Home automation facilitates you to see insights or data by which you can evaluate your daily habits. It is helpful to improve your lifestyle and take a step forward towards a better lifestyle.

We aim at building smart, innovative and easy to use IOT products in India. After years and months of prototyping, testing we have developed a nice range of home automation products which are compatible with Indian home wiring and helping people build smart homes at a very affordable price.


Cloudblocks Features

No worries, our home automation products are compatible with your existing home appliances.

To automate your home you don’t need to change your existing appliances to automate them.

You can make your existing home appliances smart by integrating our smart devices.

Installation and configuration process is easy to do but still you can hire an expert to reduce risk.

Our team will guide your electrician during the process of installation and configuration.

As we know home automation technology is new and a bit complex to understand, our support team will help you at every step.

Wireless communication
Advanced scenes combinations
Smart notifications
Compatible with Android &iOS devices
Wide range of operation
Brightness regulation
Power switch
Fade in start function
Voice Control

Why Choose our Modules

We value the hard work you do each and every day to earn comfort for your family and you.

Therefore, we are manufacturing home automation products which are affordable, retrofit and durable.

Our technology is wifi based and affordable. Make your home luxurious, get the comfort you deserve, live the life you imagined.

Our modules work on wifi which reduces the risk radiation which is harmful for a human body.

The Design and price range of our modules has been set in a way so they can be purchased by even a middle class family.

Cloudblocks smart home devices provide a comprehensive environment that adapts to the needs of the entire family.

No rewiring
  • Cloudblocks smart home products can be installed at any time, no need for home rewiring.
  • Our home automation products are very easy to install and configure.
  • No worries, our home automation products are compatible with your existing home appliances.
  • Our smart home products automatically syncs with your physical switches.
No Central Hub
  • Cheers, Cloudblocks smart home products seamlessly fits into your existing wifi network, no need for a central hub.